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250 Mainstreet Makeover
This lot was a doozy. I was able to work with most of what was provided originally, but I made some small changes. It's a swimming pool, bistro, and a gym. There's also a small playground for children.

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Woodland Park Makeover
My Woodland Park is more of a tropical paradise than anything. I like flora and fauna, obviously, so there's a lot of that goodness. Also, pond water mod is confusing, but pretty. It doesn't work the greatest for me, but it will do.

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For this round, I played the Broke family. Brandi is pregnant and Beau is preparing to grow up. Dustin is attempting to not be such a failure as to attract Angela Pleasant further. Thinking of sending him to college if I can improve his damned grades...
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290 Mainstreet Makeover
 Next on the chopping block was 290 Mainstreet, which is a grocery store and an arcade. There was also a 'book' store outside, but I just put up newspaper machines because meh. I didn't change the buildings much, except to raise the roof. *chortles at own timeless joke*
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330 Mainstreet Makeover
 I am slowly making over my Uberhood and chose to do this lot first. The layout itself is pretty much untouched as I didn't find it to be that unworkable. I use Evanesco's road and street replacements and Slig's edit of the N7 weather sky decoration if anybody is curious about those.
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Beck made a great toddler swing and I love custom objects that allow my Sims to do more things, especially toddlers and kids. I wanted it to match Lemonlion's default swing replacement, so I replaced Beck's texture with hers. This file will replace the old one, so if you want to keep the Maxis crayola, don't use this file. I should mention that this is the Freetime version. I can do the base game version if you request it.

Also, the animation can be kind of wonky, as expected, but I still think it's a cute object.



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