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Sheena ([personal profile] currantpotpie) wrote2016-07-14 09:42 am

Sims 4...ahoy!

 Just kind of posting an update...Sims 2 was pulling a bunch of hissy fits. Maybe from a bad install via Origin. Or maybe from updating to Windows 10. I have no clue, but I am just fed up with trying to get it to work.

So, I bought Sims 4 and a few stuff packs and I'm actually pretty much in love with it. With Sims 4 Studio being so user friendly, making custom content is easier than ever. At the moment, I'm hoarding downloads and will be trying to play a Victorian era game. There isn't a whole lot of content at the moment, but it gives me incentive to learn new types of modding. Wish me luck!